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Helping People Improve Their Lives with HRT Therapy and Medical Weight Loss

At Equilibrium Dallas we specialize in two things: Improving your quality of life as you age with hormone replacement therapy, and helping busy people lose weight without having to spend hours in the gym, or eat expensive, difficult to prepare meals.

Let our Dallas Medically Supervised Weight Loss and Hormone Replacement Therapy clinic be your final and ultimate choice. Our programs have assisted and helped over 6,500 patients lose well over 250,000 POUNDS OF FAT while reaching and maintaining their weight goals. In addition, we have helped patients around the country look younger and feel great with our bio-identical HRT services, and we can do exactly the same for you!

Our team will be with you all the way to help you attain your desired weight safely. The diet plan is fast, healthy, and easy to follow, along with significant long-term success rates.

Contact Denise or Traci from our office today if you’re living in or nearby the area so that you can schedule your complimentary consultation with us! You can call us today at 972-735-0777, or fill out the contact form below.


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